Hyper Qualified Opportunities
by our expert Pidges



Increase in conversion rates
when selling to a GoPidge HQL



Increase in deal size
from Nearbound methodology

A New B2B Growth Channel

The efficiency and analytical capability of digital solutions, combined with the impact of face to face, in-person interactions.

Trusted by start-ups, large enterprises, investors and governments. We are reimagining the way we do business.


Businesses face stiff competition from existing players as well as new entrants, making it challenging to stand out and capture market share.

Using data makes you 23x more likely to acquire new customers.
Financial Constraints

Limited access to capital, especially for startups and small businesses, can hinder growth opportunities, including expansion, hiring, and investment in technology.

59% of businesses  struggle to secure the right finance.

As businesses grow, challenges with scale arise, such as inefficient processes and difficulty managing increased workload and customer demands.

92% of businesses fail to hit their ambitions.

Select the channels to deliver growth

You have the power to choose how to grow, without the costs associated with driving growth. Choose from five core channels.

Sell to a Global Ecosystem

Introducing Nearbound 2.0

We bring together the efficiency of digital marketing and automation, with the authenticity and impact of face-to-face interactions, to create a new approach to Nearbound thinking.

Welcome to Nearbound 2.0, where businesses can connect, and sell to a global ecosystem via the GoPidge network. Where we extend your reach through an interconnected world.

HQL — Hyper Qualified Lead

How GoPidge delivers growth

Our approach to Nearbound extends the concept of a trusted ecosystem to a global scale. We adopt the speed, efficiency and scale of digital solutions and combine it with the personal connections that are best delivered through traditional face to face relationships and interactions.

Learn more about HQLs

This provides a huge opportunity for business growth. At its core there are three elements we bring together to generate HQLs and other results

Enriched Data
Hyper Qualified Leads
How it works

How to start using GoPidge to meet your goals

Get started

Subscribe to a GoPidge plan

Begin by subscribing to GoPidge's platform, selecting the subscription plan that best suits your business needs and objectives. Choose from a range of options tailored to different company sizes, industries, and growth goals.


Set Up Your Account

After subscribing, set up your GoPidge account by completing the registration process. Customize your account settings, including personal and company information, to ensure seamless integration with GoPidge's platform.


Create Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Identify the specific characteristics and attributes of your ideal leads. Consider factors such as industry, company size, geographic location, and purchasing behavior to create a detailed profile that aligns with your target market.


Define Your Objectives

Clearly define your objectives for lead acquisition, choosing a maximum of three from the five available options: generating leads, seeking strategic partners, securing investment, discovering market intelligence, or attracting new talent.


Account Management

Upon completing the setup process, undergo training with your assigned GoPidge account manager. The training session will familiarize you with the platform's features, tools, and capabilities, ensuring you're equipped to effectively leverage GoPidge for lead acquisition.

Learn how to navigate the platform, interpret lead data, and optimize your lead acquisition strategy to achieve your objectives effectively.


Get 25 HQLs

Clearly define your objectives for lead acquisition, choosing a maximum of three from the five available options: generating leads, seeking strategic partners, securing investment, discovering market intelligence, or attracting new talent.

Why GoPidge?

The benefits of being a GoPidge subscriber

Activate Your Growth Network

We have combined AI (speed, efficiency of digital technology) with HI - human intelligence focused on relationship selling. We deliver deeper, more personalized solutions for our customers through hyper-qualified connections that are meticulously matched to business goals, lead generation, strategic partnerships, market intelligence, finance, and talent acquisition.

Access an Inclusive Global Community

We believe in breaking down barriers. Our process is built without prejudice, providing an inclusive platform open to all businesses, regardless of size, industry, or background. Whether you're a seasoned expert or a budding entrepreneur, our community embraces diversity, fostering a collaborative environment where connections flourish.

Accelerated Business Connections

We simplify the journey from connection to collaboration, and navigate the global landscape of events, conferences, exhibitions, and round tables to source valuable connections for your business. Our beautifully designed digital platform links seamlessly to your hyper-qualified leads, ensuring a smooth experience.

Performance Improvement

Our unique process is designed to deliver real-world results, bridging the gap between traditional networking and digital. We offer enhanced performance and sustained growth because we combine the best of both of these worlds. Our global network curates connections that go beyond just introductions, creating pathways for meaningful collaborations and business success. You enjoy greater conversions, improved ROI and increased scale.


We help businesses grow

Our methodology is highly adaptable, drawing upon the wealth of expertise spanning various sectors within our extensive Pidge network.

Proudly sector-agnostic, GoPidge caters to businesses of all industries, sectors, and sizes, ensuring a personalized approach to every interaction. We're committed to delivering hyper-qualified leads that truly align with your objectives.

Ready to elevate your organization's growth?

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Renewable Energy

Artificial Intelligence


Real Estate

Finance & Banking


Transportation & Logistics



Renewable Energy

Artificial Intelligence


Real Estate

Finance & Banking


Transportation & Logistics


Global network

Connecting Your Business to Global Opportunities

Through our global network of Pidges, we are in a unique position to deliver strategic introductions and enable you to unlock valuable connections, fuel innovation, and stay ahead of the competition.


Increase your business impact and reduce emissions

Accelerate your sustainability goals. Make a positive impact. 🌱


average time flight saved

442.7 t

tons of CO2 reduced
New York to Paris round trip
average flight
1.76 t
tons of CO2
London to San Francisco
average flight
1.30 t
tons of CO2

Cybersecurity and protection of your data

GoPidge meets the highest standards of data and compiles with major regulations.

Gopidge operating system

Democratizing access

The opportunity to do business on a level playing field, with equal opportunities for all, regardless of size, location or industry. Gain access to an elite network of industry experts, that attend exclusive global events on your behalf and generate high intent introductions.

Our solution ensures businesses of all sizes can benefit from strategic introductions, valuable insights, and growth opportunities previously inaccessible, fostering a more inclusive and competitive business environment.

Pidges and Pods

Pidges and Pods

Every customer is allocated four experts, known as Pidges. They operate as a Pod to generate leads for your business

Seasoned Professionals

Our Pidge experts are respected business professionals and come with an established reputation within their field.

Exclusive Account manager

Customers do not directly liaise with our Pidges, all communication is via the account manager, however they will be your resource to sourcing new connections to unlock value in your business.

Access a global network of events

Generate hyper-qualified leads

Source personalised connections for you to convert

Curated Groups

We group our Pidges into Pods, this enables us to service the range of objectives from customers and the regions we need to cover. Here's what Pidges can do for you:


Cohorts by GoPidge

Customers are grouped by objectives, industry and location into Cohorts

Explore all Cohorts
London, UK

AI Expertise

Lead Acquisition
Strategic Partnerships

Description of what Pidge does and how. Description of what Pidge does and how. Description of what

/ 12
2 spots left
pods in cohort
About us

A dynamic team uniting top talent and expertise

Unleash best-in-class solutions crafted by the best-in-class. Our team boasts members form elite institutions like Google, Harvard, Tesla, Red Bull and beyond.

About us
15+ years of experience across various industries
A global team based across 5 continents
An embedded network featuring talent from the world’s top educators and employers

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