HQL — Hyper Qualified Lead

Grow your business with targeted, Hyper Qualified Leads

Strategic Precision, Over Volume: Our global network of experts, known as Pidges, prioritizes precision over volume. Meticulously aligning your business goals, they curate high-converting connections that directly reach you through our digital platform.

What are Hyper Qualified Leads (HQL)?

HQLs are prospects who have been thoroughly evaluated and identified as having a high likelihood of converting into valuable customers. These leads are assessed on specific criteria tailored to customers objectives.

Our Pidge’s also evaluate their fit with a company's ideal customer profile, their level of engagement, and their potential to benefit from the products or services offered.

Generating and prioritizing HQLs is a strategic approach that focuses on quality over quantity, aiming to connect with prospects most likely to contribute significantly to business success of the customer.

HQL — Hyper Qualified Lead

How do we deliver growth?

Combining the best of both worlds for a new approach to Nearbound thinking

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At its core there are three elements we bring together to generate HQLs


They attend a curated list of Global Events aligned to your objectives

Enriched Data

Our digital solution evaluates the data collected from the events to provide intention to trade scores, a proprietary service for Data Enrichment.


We call this group, Pidges, our Global Elite Embedded Network of experts

GoPidge vs Incumbents

Best of both world
Digital Marketing
Meta Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn...
Lower operating costs to open new markets
Higher Conversion Rates
Nearbound Methodology
ROI Risk Factor
Impact Value

HQLs: Maximise Efficiency and Reduce Costs

HQLs are strategically delivered to customers further down the sales funnel, ensuring a seamless progression from initial connection to meaningful engagement. Our network of Pidge’s facilitates a targeted approach, connecting our customers with leads who have actively engaged with their offer and content.

This process is a key factor that sets our HQLs apart, making them more valuable and driving meaningful results.

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Why GoPidge's HQL?

Key benefits of HQL

Improved customer retention

Focusing on HQLs contributes to improved customer retention, as these clients are more likely to find value in your offerings and continue their relationship with your business.

Budget efficiency

Targeting HQLs with GoPidge reduces your sales and marketing spend on chasing unqualified leads. This is more cost-effective, as resources can be spread across multiple channels, giving you flexibility to amend focus in real time.

Increased Conversion Rates

By focusing on leads who have interacted with your business through our Pidges, you are likely to see an increase in conversion rates. This targeted strategy not only saves time but also boosts your ROI by delivering leads with genuine interest in what you offer.

Conversion rates vary by industry, typically we would expect an increase of 10-20% across our customers.

Intelligent introductions

GoPidge offers an exclusive digital platform that supports companies of any size. We ensure a smooth and efficient lead acquisition process that ensures you retain control and full visibility.

Focus on your objectives

Our approach ensures that our Pidge’s target the right audience, at the right time, with the right messages, to maximize the chances of success.


Average Win-Rate
increase when selling to a GoPidge HQL


Average Revenue
increase when using GoPidge Methodology


Average Deal Size
increases due to 2nd order revenue (Nearbound)

GoPidge is more than a lead service

We're your strategic partner in maximizing the potential of your business efforts.

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