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Enhance your business with powerful strategic connections

We facilitate new strategic introductions that are meaningful for your business. From members of an Advisory Board to long-term partners to open new overseas markets, whatever skills and experience your business requires, our network can provide access to the right people.

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How we deliver Strategic Partnerships for our customers?

Strategic Partnerships is the perfect channel to open new avenues for growth at a strategic level, providing expertise to help shape and guide your business strategy over the longer term.

Identifying Partners

Challenge: Identifying partners that align with your values, goals, and strategic vision.

Opportunity with GoPidge: Our unique service introduces customers only to those people or organisations our experts endorse and believe can add value. Based on first-hand knowledge, data and a genuine understanding of the customers’ needs.

Facilitate Collaboration

Challenge: Breaking through industry silos and fostering collaboration is a daunting task.

Opportunity with GoPidge: Our network of Pidges is so diverse, we can bridge continents, sectors and cultural differences. By definition our process facilitates partnerships, so you benefit from alliances that bring diverse expertise, new perspectives, and innovative solutions.

Partnership Management

Challenge: Managing and maintaining effective communication with partners is complex and resource-intensive.

Opportunity with GoPidge: Our platform streamlines your partnerships, providing tools for efficient communication, collaboration, and performance tracking. This enhances the overall effectiveness of strategic alliances and puts you in direct control.

Ensuring Mutual Benefit

Challenge: Ensuring partnerships are beneficial and deliver value is crucial.

Opportunity with GoPidge: We assess and ensure the mutual benefit of partnerships through human and digital solutions. This involves evaluating customer objectives, the ICP, and continuous monitoring.


of businesses actively building their network


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higher revenue returns

Deep Strategic Partnerships that deliver growth

Our services are designed to help you get the most out of your investment — so you can focus on running your business.

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Access to New Markets and Customers
Strategic partnerships enable you to tap into new markets and customer segments that might otherwise be difficult or costly to reach alone. Partners with a complementary customer base or operates in a different region, help expand your reach and gain access to a new audience. Resulting in increased brand visibility, higher sales, and accelerated growth.
Complementary Resources and Expertise
Leverage strengths, resources, and expertise. By joining forces you can enhance your value proposition and offer more comprehensive solutions. This can lead to improved product offerings, better customer experiences, and increased competitiveness in the market.
Risk Mitigation and Cost Sharing
Mitigate risks and reduce costs associated with entering new markets, developing new products, or expanding operations. By sharing resources, investments, and responsibilities with a partner, spreads the costs and minimizes the risk of failure. You can also access valuable insights, market knowledge, and industry connections to help you make informed decisions.
How it works

How to start using GoPidge for Strategic Partnership

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Select the subscription plan that best suits your business needs and objectives.
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Set Up Account

Complete the short registration process and customize your account settings, including personal and company information.


Create Your ICP

Complete your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by identifying the specific characteristics and attributes of the leads you want to attract.


Define Objectives

Choose your objectives for each channel:
1. Lead generation
2. Strategic partnerships
3. Market intelligence
4. Finance
5. Talent acquistion

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Frequently asked questions about Market Intelligence

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What is GoPidge?

GoPidge is a revolutionary platform that combines the power of technology with human expertise to facilitate nearbound lead acquisition for businesses. It connects companies with hyper-qualified leads sourced from diverse ecosystems, enabling them to unlock new opportunities and drive revenue growth.

How does GoPidge differ from traditional lead generation methods?

Unlike traditional lead generation methods that rely solely on inbound or outbound approaches, GoPidge leverages nearbound lead acquisition. This innovative approach harnesses the trust and influence of existing partnerships and ecosystems to deliver high-quality, hyper-qualified leads that are more likely to convert into customers.

What are the benefits of using GoPidge for lead acquisition?

GoPidge offers several benefits for businesses, including:

  • Improved lead quality: By tapping into existing ecosystems, GoPidge delivers hyper-qualified leads that have already demonstrated trust in partner organizations.
  • Enhanced scalability: With GoPidge, businesses can access a vast network of leads across different industries and geographies, allowing for scalable growth opportunities.
  • Increased efficiency: The platform's combination of technology and human expertise streamlines the lead acquisition process, saving time and resources for businesses.
  • Customized strategies: GoPidge works closely with each customer to develop tailored lead acquisition strategies based on their unique objectives and target market.
  • Real-time insights: GoPidge provides actionable insights and analytics to help businesses track the performance of their lead acquisition efforts and optimize their strategies accordingly.
How does GoPidge ensure lead quality?

GoPidge employs a rigorous vetting process to ensure the quality of leads sourced from its platform. Through data-driven analysis and human expertise, GoPidge identifies and qualifies leads based on predefined criteria, such as industry relevance, purchasing behavior, and engagement level. This ensures that businesses receive hyper-qualified leads that are highly likely to convert into customers.

What is the role of the GoPidge platform in lead acquisition?

The GoPidge platform serves as a centralized hub for businesses to access and manage their lead acquisition activities. It provides intuitive tools and features for lead tracking, communication, and analytics, allowing businesses to streamline their lead acquisition efforts and maximize their ROI. Additionally, the platform offers real-time insights and reporting capabilities to help businesses monitor their progress and make informed decisions.

How does GoPidge handle customer data and privacy?

GoPidge takes data privacy and security seriously and adheres to strict protocols to safeguard customer data. The platform complies with all relevant data protection regulations and employs industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect sensitive information. Additionally, GoPidge provides customers with full control over their data and offers transparency regarding its data handling practices.

Can businesses customize their lead acquisition strategies with GoPidge?

Yes, businesses can customize their lead acquisition strategies with GoPidge to align with their unique objectives and target market. The platform offers flexible options for defining ideal customer profiles, setting objectives, and prioritizing lead acquisition activities. Additionally, businesses have the opportunity to work closely with GoPidge's account managers to develop tailored strategies that maximize their success.

How does GoPidge support businesses throughout the lead acquisition process?

GoPidge provides comprehensive support to businesses throughout the lead acquisition process, from strategy development to execution and optimization. The platform's dedicated account managers offer personalized guidance and assistance, helping businesses navigate challenges, optimize their strategies, and achieve their growth objectives effectively. Additionally, GoPidge offers ongoing training, resources, and support to ensure that businesses get the most out of their investment.